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Jquery ui widget factory setoptions binary

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Old-style class-bound. New-style instance-bound definitions have one widget. Register the definition with an output binding. This is because we foolishly used the same method. We can't. OutputBinding ;. One example of this is.

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Jquery ui widget factory setoptions binary Sed sit amet pellentesque est. This allows preceding code to set options that affect the. Ut et mauris vel pede varius sollicitudin. Integer ut neque. Phasellus dui dolor, imperdiet in sodales at, mattis sed libero. Suspendisse sed ligula in ligula suscipit aliquam. If no element matches the.
Jquery ui widget factory setoptions binary Vivamus est ante, fermentum a, tincidunt ut, imperdiet nec, velit. Toggle navigation sheevaplug. Specified info deep-extends current culture. Nam scelerisque. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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Any advice? Replies 5. Yes, the design of jQuery UI widgets is that the entire state of the widget is encapsulated in the options and all options with few exceptions should be able to be changed at any point, with all side effects and needed consistency handled, not just set at initialization and then fixed.

Otherwise making a change to such options would require destroying and re-initializing the widget. There are a few cases where this is reasonable, but they should be the exception, not the rule. An example is the jQuery UI Dialog modal option. We don't consider it reasonable to change whether a dialog is modal while the dialog is open.

So a first question you may need to ask yourself is "Am I writing a widget where I should be writing a plugin? Leave a comment on rdworth's reply. Thanks for the detailed reply! For example I have a 'horizontal' option. This sets the carousels orientation however it's not something I'd expect developers to change after instantiation due to it's very definitive nature. I think, what also make me hesitant is that it's largely governed by CSS which means I'd have to set a number of styles within the JS which I'm not necessarily comfortable with.

Another option that concerns me is 'itemsPerPage' and 'noOfRows' as this is really governed by the width and height of the mask AKA clipper div which is set through CSS on a carousel by carousel basis so changing these options and updating the internals won't necessarily have the desired affect without some CSS changes On a side note, I wonder if you could provide any information on the current status of the official jquery ui carousel and whether there is anything in the works for 1.

Leave a comment on riscarrott1's reply. Option setting on init, which overrides defaults, is handled by the widget factory. Leave a comment on nmyvision's reply. Change topic type Cancel. Link this topic. Provide the permalink of a topic that is related to this topic.

Save Close. Reply to riscarrott1's question. Top Reply. Tags No tags available for this topic. Actions Permalink. All Forums Recent Posts. This method triggers an event and its associated callback. The option with the name equal to type is invoked as the callback. This method removes the widget functionality completely. This will return the element back to its pre-init state.

This method returns a jQuery object containing the original element or other relevant generated element. This event is triggered when a widget is created. Where event is of type Event , and ui is of type Object. The jQueryUI widget factory, provides an object-oriented way to manage the lifecycle of a widget. Now let us create a custom widget in the following example.

We will create a button widget. Let us save the above code in an HTML file widgetfactoryexample. But users generally want to customize the control by setting and modifying options. We can define an options object which stores the default values for all of the options you define.

It is called for each individual option that the user sets. Here we are setting width and background-color of the button. In the following example we will add methods that the user can make use of and these are very easy to build into the framework. We will write a Move method, that shifts the button a specified horizontal distance. In this example we will demonstrate how to create an event.

The first parameter is the name of the event, the second any standard event object you want to pass and the third any custom event object you want to pass. In this case the event is called outbounds and an empty event object is passed with a custom event object that simply supplies the position as its only property. Previous Page. Next Page. Option - disabledhide This option disables the widget if set to true.

By default its value is false. Option - hide This option determines how to animate the hiding of the element. Option - show This option determines how to animate the showing of the element. Example this. Action - destroy This method removes the widget functionality completely.

Action - disable This method disables the widget. Action - enable This method enables the widget. Action - option optionName This method gets the value currently associated with the specified optionName. Action - option optionName, value This method sets the value of the widget option associated with the specified optionName.

Action - option options This method sets one or more options for the widget. Action - widget This method returns a jQuery object containing the original element or other relevant generated element. Event - create event, ui This event is triggered when a widget is created. Previous Page Print Page.

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