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The value in hexadecimal is 80 00 Now consider that we are dealing with bit values in a stream of pixels. For every bytes, we will have encoded 4 pixels. I typically try to use binary only up to 8-bits. Anything larger than that, I simply skip the first 8-bits 1-byte , and focus on the next 8-bits. For example: As I demonstrated with the RGB color encoding, values do not always represent a single number.

In fact, it is a stream of data. So whether there is one byte, four bytes, or a gigabytes worth of data, we usually process it either one byte or one word at a time. We actually break down decimal numbers into groups by using a comma or some other regional punctuation to separate thousands, e. Binary manipulation can be found in many contexts. One of the most common is storing a collection of flags in an unsigned buffer.

These flags can be flipped on and off with the Boolean flag operations of your programming language. Using a mask with multiple bits allows an enumerated value with more than two options to be encoded within the binary buffer. I'm not going to go to describe the mechanics here, I simply want to demonstrate that data is encoded in many ways, and there are many reasons for you to become proficient at picking apart byte-streams down to the bit.

It is just as beneficial to be able to convert between hexadecimal and decimal in your head from 1 to , especially if you ever deal with selecting colors for web-pages or you edit images in programs like Photoshop. It only takes two hex-digits to represent an 8-bit byte. If you memorize the values that are defined by the high-order hex-digit, reading hexadecimal byte values becomes almost as easy as reading decimal values. There are two tables listed below.

The table on the left indicates the value mapping for the high-order and low-order hex-digits of a byte. Some of the numbers listed in the table on the right are more obvious than others for why I chose to included them in the map. For example, , that's a nice round number that we commonly deal with daily. When you run into 0x64, now you can automatically map that in your mind to and have a reference-point for its value. Some of you will recognize the values , , , and For those that do not see the relevance of these values, they are common octets found in landmark network IP addresses.

One additional fact related to the IPv4 multicast address range, is the official definition declares any IPv4 address with the leading four bits set to to be a multicast address. Binary has landmark values similar to the way decimal does. For example, 1's up to 10's, 10's through , then , 1M, 1B These values are focused on powers of 10, and arranged in groups that provide a significant range to be meaningful when you round-off or estimate.

Becoming proficient with the scale of each binary bit up to 2 10 , which is equal to , or 1K. At this point, we can use the powers of two in multiple contexts; 1 Simple binary counting, 2 measuring data byte lengths.

I have constructed a table below that shows landmark values with the power of 2. On the left I have indicated the name of the unit if we are discussing bits and the size of a single value; for example, 8-bits is a byte. I haven't had the need to explore data values larger than bits yet, but it's possible that some of you have.

To the right I have indicated the units of measure used in computers when we discuss sizes. At is a kilobyte, and kilobytes is officially a megabyte not if you're a hard drive manufacturer I continued the table up through 2 80 , which is known as a "yotta-byte. To the far right I converted the major landmark values into decimal to give you a sense of size and scale for these numbers.

Looking at a large mass of symbols, such as a memory dump from a computer, can appear to be overwhelming. We do have tools that we use to develop and debug software help us organize and make sense of this data. However, these tools cannot always display this data in formats that are helpful for particular situations. In these cases, understanding the relationships between the numbers and their different representations can be extremely helpful. This is especially true when the data is encoded at irregular offsets.

I presented a few common forms that you are likely to encounter when looking at the values stored in computer memory. Hopefully you can use these identity and navigation tips to improve your development and debugging abilities. Tags: Knowledge , Math , Skill. I found the tables and tips for navigating hexadecimal to be really helpful.

Form is loading Learn Hexadecimal and Binary general , beginner Add comments. Continuous Data Binary and hexadecimal are more natural number systems for use with computers because they both have a base of 2 raised to some exponent; binary is 2 1 and hexadecimal is 2 4. Recognize Your Surroundings What is the largest binary value that can fit in an 8-bit field? What is the largest hexadecimal value that can fit in an 8-bit field? It would be very beneficial to you to commit the following table to memory: Dec 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Bin Hex 0x0 0x1 0x2 0x3 0x4 0x5 0x6 0x7 0x8 0x9 0xA 0xB 0xC 0xD 0xE 0xF Now we can simply take each grouping of four bits, , and convert them into hex-digits, FF.

Navigating the Sea of Data Binary and hexadecimal ok, and octal are all number systems whose base is a power of two. Can you include a link to an example. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Mark Setchell Mark Setchell k 18 18 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. You have excelled yourself! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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