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Cbetting too much bet quad on a budget

Cbetting too much

This is a very common poker question. A player reads that when they are the preflop aggressor that they should be continuation betting c-betting pretty much all of the time. But eventually that strategy breaks down and your opponent simply will not fold to each c-bet. Before you consider barreling, c-betting less, or even changing your c-bet size — think about how good the flop continuation bet was in the first place. Sure you will pick up the pot sometimes, but you will find yourself losing more pots over time as the game continues to mature.

The definition of a c-bet is oftentimes confused, but in reality, a c-bet does not inherently imply that your hand is weak, strong, or anything. A flop c-bet is simply a flop bet from the preflop aggressor; it does not matter if you have the nuts, total air, or something in the middle. When bluff c-betting, either on the flop or on any other street, you want to ensure your opponent is going to fold often enough, either now or later.

Many players who auto-continuation bet are hoping their opponent folds often enough right this moment to show an outright profit on the bet. Is your opponent going to fold that often? This includes small-medium pocket pairs, non-nut Broadway hands, suited connectors, suited gappers, and suited Ax hands. Therefore, if you were to auto-continuation bet it with no intentions of barreling, you would just be giving away money.

Knowing whether a flop c-bet is good or bad is heavily dependent on two things:. You need hand reading skills to assign a range to their preflop action. Then you take that range and compare it to the flop. Think carefully about the hand strengths they would always, mostly, and never continue with if you c-bet. Some players will continue vs a c-bet with any pair plus all possible draws — and as such fold rarely.

That player is folding more often and thus bluffing the flop for one street makes a ton of sense. One final thing to note here is whether or not your preflop ranges are too wide. But if you are constantly missing the flop, especially against players who rarely fold to a single c-bet, you may want to reexamine the ranges you are being aggressive with preflop.

When a player continues auto-C-betting and it begins to fail, they tend to adjust in one of three ways:. Obviously, the first option is awful. Before you began reading this guide you likely already knew that and thus I will not waste your time talking about how bad it is. The second option can be correct. This is a common way that I adjust when playing against fishy opponents who do not fold often now OR later.

Against these players, I strengthen up my c-bet range to capitalize on their leak. They call down too wide, and thus I value bet thinner. Bluffing is more difficult and I do not need to balance my ranges against these players. The third option is the one you should heavily focus on. Just because a single bet will not get the job done does NOT mean you abandon betting altogether. Instead, think about how often your opponent would fold against your flop c-bet.

Then ask yourself the following question:. If you are new to barreling, start with this quick Double Barreling guide and practice analyzing some hands with the process so that it becomes second-nature. Take the same example from earlier where you bet the flop and villain would continue with pairs, draws, and some backdoor draws. Well, this takes some hand reading and estimating, but it is totally possible to determine the answer with a little work. If you thought you could barrel and get everything else to fold, any bet under pot is outright profitable.

Hero 3-bets to 9. Button calls. Button checks. Consider our preflop range:. Note: This chart is directly from the Upswing Lab training course preflop chart viewer tool. Get access all preflop charts when you join the Lab. There are many hands in this range that have less showdown value and more playability on future streets than KQo.

If we c-bet with these hands, plus an additional 12 combos of KQo, we run the risk of c-betting too many marginal holdings which makes our range vulnerable to raises. We also need to delay c-bet with bluffs in order to balance our range; using KQo makes sense because it has two overcards and turned a draw to the nuts. I prefer a slightly smaller bet sizing on both the turn and river in this hand. Our value range consists mostly of one pair hands after checking the flop, and betting large makes less likely our opponent will continue with a worse one pair hand.

Cutoff calls. Big blind calls. Big blind folds. We should not c-bet with this hand on the flop. If we c-bet with weaker top pairs as well, we make ourselves vulnerable to flop raises — particularly in a multi-way pot like this. Additionally, keeping AT in our checking range ensures that we have some relatively strong top pairs when we check. Plus, betting with AT on the flop could lead to some tricky situations if either opponent raises.

When the action checks through on the flop and the turn is a blank, however, AT is an easy value bet and a great hand to have in our delayed c-betting range. With that said, you could make a case for betting on the flop and checking on the turn with this hand.

But betting both the flop and turn here is simply too thin. UTG calls. Hero checks. A common tendency of live players is to bet any pair on the turn after the flop has checked through. Either way, this tendency is a massive leak that can be exploited with an aggressive delayed c-betting strategy. On this board, such opponents would lead on the turn with all of the Ax, Tx and 5x combos in their range. If this is the case, we can delayed c-bet on the turn with an astronomically high success rate.

We can also check back more hands that we would normally c-bet on the flop in order to reach this very profitable turn spot more often. These types of players are most common in live games, but this adjustment will work well against anyone that probe bets too liberally.

If you read every word of this article, congrats because you covered a lot of ground in a short time. To recap the main points:. Signup today for free poker strategy, exclusive discounts, and be the first to get notified on new updates.


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Folding is the least sexy topic in poker.

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Jankovic vs kerber betting prediction A player reads that when they are the preflop aggressor that they should be continuation betting c-betting pretty much all of the time. I certainly don't claim cbetting too much be the greatest player or to know it all so you may in fact be right. Related Posts. Most fishy players quit too rarely, and they bring WAY too much junk to showdown. This will induce them to bluff and allow you to happily call their bet maybe even planning to raise their bets on a later street. Before you began reading this guide you likely already knew that and thus I will not waste your time talking about how bad it is. Hero 3-bets to 9.
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Digital virtual currency and bitcoins for dummies I certainly don't claim to be the greatest player or to know it all so you may in fact be cbetting too much. So you need to evaluate your opponent, determine whether they are likely to overcall, or overfold and adjust accordingly by bluffing more or less frequently. Unknown 17 December. One final thing to note here is whether or not your preflop ranges are too wide. Building a double and triple barrel skillset is a huge asset. If you thought you could barrel and get everything else to fold, any bet under pot is outright profitable.
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And I hope it helps you understand the complexity of the situation. Every situation in poker is different. Thanks for the quick reply, and thanks for going into more detail on Cbetting. I switched too playing low occasionally mid stake MTT'S 2 years ago. I seem to come in 2nd more than 1st.

Nice to see you cover MTT's in your book. I might have to check it out. HU is a slightly different beast than ring. Especially in the late stages of a tournament HU play is going to depend very heavily on your opponent so practise is one of the best tools at your disposal. Optimal Percentage. Posted by BlackRain Labels: poker cbet. While this may not be ethical, it is entirely legal. Bookies tend to appreciate loyal customers. If they suspect that you are using strategies such as arbitrage betting or matched betting , you could potentially find yourself getting banned.

Try to keep a low profile. Keep going back, and try not to stake too much when you make a bet. There are so many other bookies you can sign up for. Having multiple sportsbook accounts is beneficial for various reasons. You could compare odds and find value betting situations, you could also employ strategies such as arbitrage betting and matched betting.

Specializing in one particular tournament would be extremely helpful when it comes to winning bets. When it comes to keeping your account, you are a lot more likely to be barred from ever betting with the website in question ever again. Be flexible, bet on multiple matches from several tournaments, and let luck take the reins. Write your comment here.

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If you are subsequently proven to have been under 21 years of age at the time you made any transactions with us, then:. Betting Help Bookies. Can you be banned by bookies for winning too many bets? Arnold Stone August 1, No comment. Stay loyal Bookies tend to appreciate loyal customers.

Be flexible Specializing in one particular tournament would be extremely helpful when it comes to winning bets. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Tags: Arbitrage Betting Matched Betting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Write your comment here Name Email Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.