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Er is zeker een sociaal gevolg, waarvan de omvang nog zal moeten blijken: door inkomensverlies bij diegenen die al tot de lage inkomensgroepen behoren, vallen meer huishoudens terug op goedkoop voedsel of doen een beroep op voedselbanken. Dat wil zeggen meer buikvullend, geraffineerd, uitgekookt, enz. Dat is industrieel verwerkt, even industrieel geteeld en over lange afstanden verscheept en vervoerd.

Uit een studie van Unicef bleek dat miljoen kinderen geen toegang meer hadden tot schoolmaaltijden die voor hen noodzakelijk zijn. Inclusief voor hun honden en katten. Een beetje langer aanschuiven dan gewoonlijk, maar de prijzen zijn voorlopig niet merkbaar gestegen. Waarover zouden we ons zorgen maken? En toch, er is een minderheid het is wachten op onderzoek om de omvang ervan te schatten die zich wel vragen stelt over die business as usual.

Maar ook over de zin en onzin van de hele voedselvoorziening, van veld en stal tot keuken en tafel. En bovendien is er een deel van die minderheid die voor zichzelf op zoek gaat naar mogelijkheden voor zekere, veilige, in-eigen handen voedselvoorziening. Jawel de drie grote doelen —voedselzekerheid, voedselveiligheid en voedselsouvereiniteit voor de wereld toegepast voor eigen voedsel.

We kunnen dan ook niet anders dan ons met vernieuwd enthousiasme in te zetten voor dergelijke praktijken. Als voor de ecologische kant, waar we met agro-ecologie een serieuze troef uitspelen. This is useful for Arabic , Hebrew and many other languages where one may have combining characters overtop of base characters, and want to remove only the combining ones.

Each file should contain a list of words. This can be one word per line, or several words per line, separated by non-keyword characters white space is preferred. Maximum line length is bytes. When this option is empty or an entry " spell " is present, and spell checking is enabled, words in the word lists for the currently active 'spelllang' are used.

See spell. To include a comma in a file name precede it with a backslash. Spaces after a comma are ignored, otherwise spaces are included in the file name. See option-backslash about using backslashes. This has nothing to do with the Dictionary variable type. Where to find a list of words? Backticks cannot be used in this option for security reasons. See diff-mode. See diff-diffexpr. It can consist of the following items.

All are optional. Items must be separated by a comma. Mostly useful when windows are side-by-side and 'scrollbind' is set. When omitted a context of six lines is used. When using zero the context is actually one, since folds require a line in between, also for a deleted line.

See fold-diff. Adds the "-B" flag to the " diff " command if 'diffexpr' is empty. Check the documentation of the " diff " command for what this does exactly. NOTE: the diff windows will get out of sync, because no differences between blank lines are taken into account. Adds the " -i " flag to the " diff " command if 'diffexpr' is empty. Adds the " -b " flag to the " diff " command if 'diffexpr' is empty.

It should ignore adding trailing white space, but not leading white space. Adds the " -w " flag to the " diff " command if 'diffexpr' is empty. Adds the " -Z " flag to the " diff " command if 'diffexpr' is empty. Without this 2 is used. This is ignored when 'diffexpr' is set. Set the 'verbose' option to see when this happens. See digraphs. If it is not possible in any directory, but last directory listed in the option does not exist, it is created.

On Unix, a dot is prepended to the file name, so it doesn't show in a directory listing. On MS-Windows the "hidden" attribute is set and a dot prepended if possible. This will ensure file name uniqueness in the preserve directory. Using ". This means that editing the same file twice will result in a warning.

But it can contain a lot of files, your swap files get lost in the crowd. That is why a "tmp" directory in your home directory is tried first. This is comma separated list of flags: lastline When included, as much as possible of the last line in a window will be displayed. Overrules "lastline".

The separator line is decorated by hl-MsgSeparator and the "msgsep" flag of 'fillchars'. When neither "lastline" nor "truncate" is included, a last line that doesn't fit is replaced with " " lines. Always UTF See 'fileencoding' to control file-content encoding. Normally you don't have to set or reset this option. When 'binary' is off and 'fixeol' is on the value is not used when writing the file.

But you can change it if you want to. This also happens the moment the option is switched on. When off, splitting a window will reduce the size of the current window and leave the other windows the same. When closing a window the extra lines are given to the window next to it depending on 'splitbelow' and 'splitright'.

When mixing vertically and horizontally split windows , a minimal size is computed and some windows may be larger if there is room. The 'eadirection' option tells in which direction the size is affected. Changing the height and width of a window can be avoided by setting 'winfixheight' and 'winfixwidth' , respectively. If a window size is specified when creating a new window sizes are currently not equalized it's complicated, but may be implemented in the future.

When this option is empty the internal formatting functions are used; either 'lisp' , 'cindent' or 'indentexpr'. When Vim was compiled without internal formatting , the "indent" program is used. See option-backslash about including spaces and backslashes. This only makes a difference for error messages , the bell will be used always for a lot of errors without a message e. See 'visualbell' to make the bell behave like a screen flash or do nothing. See 'belloff' to finetune when to ring the bell.

When the " -q " command-line argument is used, 'errorfile' is set to the following argument. See -q. NOT used for the " :make " command. See 'makeef' for that. When set to "all" or when "all" is one of the items, all autocommand events are ignored, autocommands will not be executed. Otherwise this is a comma separated list of event names.

See also :retab and ins-expandtab. This option is reset when the 'paste' option is set and restored when the 'paste' option is reset. Conversion is done with iconv or as specified with 'charconvert'. When 'fileencoding' is not UTF-8 , conversion will be done when writing the file.

For reading see below. When 'fileencoding' is empty, the file will be saved with UTF-8 encoding no conversion when reading or writing a file. See encoding-names for the possible values. Additionally, values may be specified that can be handled by the converter, see mbyte-conversion. When reading a file 'fileencoding' will be set from 'fileencodings'. One exception: when 'fileencodings' is empty the value of 'fileencoding' is used. For a new file the global value of 'fileencoding' is used.

Prepending "8bit-" and "2byte-" has no meaning here, they are ignored. When the option is set, the value is converted to lowercase. Thus you can set it with uppercase values too. If a name is recognized from the list at encoding-names , it is replaced by the standard name. For example "ISO" becomes "iso". When this option is set, after starting to edit a file, the 'modified' option is set, because the file would be different when written.

Keep in mind that changing 'fenc' from a modeline happens AFTER the text has been read, thus it applies to when the file will be written. If you do set 'fenc' in a modeline , you might want to set 'nomodified' to avoid not being able to " :q ".

This option cannot be changed when 'modifiable' is off. When a file is read, Vim tries to use the first mentioned character encoding. If an error is detected, the next one in the list is tried. When an encoding is found that works, 'fileencoding' is set to it. If all fail, 'fileencoding' is set to an empty string , which means that UTF-8 is used.

For an empty file or a file with only ASCII characters most encodings will work and the first entry of 'fileencodings' will be used except "ucs-bom", which requires the BOM to be present. If you prefer another encoding use an BufReadPost autocommand event to test if your preferred encoding is to be used. Note that 'fileencodings' is not used for a new file, the global value of 'fileencoding' is used instead.

It must not be preceded by " utf-8 " or another Unicode encoding for this to work properly. An entry for an 8-bit encoding e. The special value "default" can be used for the encoding from the environment. It is useful when your environment uses a non-latin1 encoding, such as Russian. When a file contains an illegal UTF-8 byte sequence it won't be recognized as " utf-8 ".

You can use the 8g8 command to find the illegal byte sequence. See 'fileencoding' for the possible values. Setting this option does not have an effect until the next time a file is read. See file-formats and file-read. For the character encoding of the file see 'fileencoding'.

This option is set automatically when starting to edit a file and 'fileformats' is not empty and 'binary' is off. It is not set automatically. The 'fileformats' name will be used when a file is read into an existing buffer, no matter what 'fileformat' for that buffer is set to. If 'fileformat' is still not set, the first name from 'fileformats' is used.

When reading a file into an existing buffer, the same is done, but this happens like 'fileformat' has been set appropriately for that file only, the option is not changed. When 'binary' is set, the value of 'fileformats' is not used. When Vim starts up with an empty buffer the first item is used. You can overrule this by setting 'fileformat' in your. Dos format will be used. Also see file-formats. See 'wildignorecase' for only ignoring case when doing completion. All autocommands that match with the value of this option will be executed.

Thus the value of 'filetype' is used in place of the file name. Otherwise this option does not always reflect the current file type. This option is normally set when the file type is detected. To enable this use the ":filetype on" command. This works both for filetype plugins and for syntax files. More than one dot may appear. This option is not copied to another buffer, independent of the ' s ' or ' S ' flag in 'cpoptions'. If 'ambiwidth' is "double" then "vert", "foldsep" and "fold" default to single-byte alternatives.

Turn this option off if you want to preserve the situation from the original file. When the 'binary' option is set the value of this option doesn't matter. Useful if you want folds to automatically close when moving out of them. Valid values are: "auto": resize to the maximum amount of folds to display. This option can be used to quickly switch between showing all text unfolded and viewing the text with folds including manually opened or closed folds.

It can be toggled with the zi command. The 'foldcolumn' will remain blank when 'foldenable' is off. This option is set by commands that create a new fold or close a fold. See folding. It is evaluated for each line to obtain its fold level. See fold-expr. The expression will be evaluated in the sandbox if set from a modeline , see sandbox-option. This option can't be set from a modeline when the 'diff' option is on or the 'modelineexpr' option is off.

It is not allowed to change text or jump to another window while evaluating 'foldexpr' textlock. Lines starting with characters in 'foldignore' will get their fold level from surrounding lines. White space is skipped before checking for this character.

The default " " works well for C programs. See fold-indent. Setting this option to zero will close all folds. Higher numbers will close fewer folds. This option is set by commands like zm , zM and zR. See fold-foldlevel. Useful to always start editing with all folds closed value zero , some folds closed one or no folds closed This is done before reading any modeline , thus a setting in a modeline overrules this option.

Starting to edit a file for diff-mode also ignores this option and closes all folds. It is also done before BufReadPre autocommands, to allow an autocmd to overrule the 'foldlevel' value for specific files. When the value is negative, it is not used. There must be one comma, which separates the start and end marker.

The marker is a literal string a regular expression would be too slow. See fold-marker. Possible values: fold-manual manual Folds are created manually. Also for manually closed folds. With the default value of one a fold can only be closed if it takes up two or more screen lines. Set to zero to be able to close folds of just one screen line. Note that this only has an effect on what is displayed.

After using " zc " to close a fold, which is displayed open because it's smaller than 'foldminlines' , a following " zc " may close a containing fold. This avoids that too many folds will be created. Using more than 20 doesn't work, because the internal limit is NOTE: When the command is part of a mapping this option is not used. Add the zv command to the mapping to get the same effect. This means the operator will include the whole closed fold.

Note that vertical movements are not here, because it would make it very difficult to move onto a closed fold. In insert mode the folds containing the cursor will always be open when text is inserted. To close folds you can re-apply 'foldlevel' with the zx command or set the 'foldclose' option to "all". See fold-foldtext. This option cannot be set in a modeline when 'modelineexpr' is off.

It is not allowed to change text or jump to another window while evaluating 'foldtext' textlock. When this option is empty 'formatprg' is used. The v:lnum variable holds the first line to be formatted. The v:count variable holds the number of lines to be formatted.

The v:char variable holds the character that is going to be inserted if the expression is being evaluated due to automatic formatting. This can be empty. Don't insert it yet! This happens under the same conditions as when internal formatting is used.

Make sure the cursor is kept in the same spot relative to the text then! The mode function will return " i " or " R " in this situation. When the expression evaluates to non-zero Vim will fall back to using the internal format mechanism. The expression will be evaluated in the sandbox when set from a modeline , see sandbox-option. That stops the option from working, since changing the buffer text is not allowed. NOTE: This option is set to "" when 'compatible' is set.

This is used for the " n " flag in 'formatoptions'. The pattern must match exactly the text that will be the indent for the line below it. There must be a character following the pattern , when it matches the whole line it is handled like there is no match. The default recognizes a number, followed by an optional punctuation character and white space. See fo-table. When the 'paste' option is on, no formatting is done like 'formatoptions' is empty. Commas can be inserted for readability.

The program must take the input on stdin and produce the output on stdout. The Unix program "fmt" is such a program. If the 'formatexpr' option is not empty it will be used instead. Otherwise, if 'formatprg' option is an empty string , the internal format function will be used C-indenting. This flushes the file to disk, ensuring that it is safely written.

Slow on some systems: writing buffers , quitting Nvim, and other operations may sometimes take a few seconds. Files are ALWAYS flushed 'fsync' is ignored when: - CursorHold event is triggered - :preserve is called - system signals low battery life - Nvim exits abnormally This option cannot be set from a modeline or in the sandbox , for security reasons. This means that all matches in a line are substituted instead of one. When a ' g ' flag is given to a " :substitute " command, this will toggle the substitution of all or one match.

See complex-change. This is a scanf-like string that uses the same format as the 'errorformat' option: see errorformat. Works in the GUI and many terminals. See tui-cursor-shape. Each part consists of a mode-list and an argument-list : mode-list:argument-list,mode-list:argument-list,..

Times are in msec. When one of the numbers is zero, there is no blinking. In Insert-likes modes, use a vertical bar cursor with colors from "Cursor" highlight group. In Replace-likes modes, use a underline cursor with default colors. Blink a bit faster. The ' a ' mode is different. It will set the given argument-list for all modes. It does not reset anything to defaults.

This can be used to do a common setting for all modes. In its simplest form the value is just one font name. When the font cannot be found you will get an error message. To try other font names a list can be specified, font names separated with commas. The first valid font is used. Spaces after a comma are ignored. To include a comma in a font name precede it with a backslash. Setting an option requires an extra backslash before a space and a backslash.

See also option-backslash. If none of the fonts can be loaded, Vim will keep the current setting. If an empty font list is given, Vim will try using other resource settings for X, it will use the Vim. The font names given should be "normal" fonts. Vim will try to find the related bold and italic fonts. The font name depends on the GUI used. To preview a font on X11, you might be able to use the "xfontsel" program.

The "xlsfonts" program gives a list of all available fonts. Use a ' : ' to separate the options. The first font that can be loaded is used. Note: The size of these fonts must be exactly twice as wide as the one specified with 'guifont' and the same height.

When 'guifont' has a valid font and 'guifontwide' is empty Vim will attempt to set 'guifontwide' to a matching double-width font. It is a sequence of letters which describes what components and options of the GUI should be used. This means that the Visually highlighted text is available for pasting into other applications as well as into Vim itself. The same applies to the modeless selection.

Like ' a ', but only applies to the modeless selection. When ' e ' is missing a non-GUI tab pages line may be used. If ' g ' is not included inactive menu items are not shown at all. Currently only in Win32 GUI. Its size depends on the longest visible line, or on the cursor line if the ' h ' flag is included. Reduces computations. See gui-scrollbars for more information. When not included, a horizontal layout is preferred, but when it doesn't fit a vertical layout is used anyway.

This is required for some window managers. If the cursor is not blinking or hollow at the right moment, try adding this flag. This must be done before starting the GUI. Set it in your gvimrc. Adding or removing it after the GUI has started has no effect.

Instead, the behavior is similar to when the window is maximized and will adjust 'lines' and 'columns' to fit to the window. Without the ' k ' flag Vim will try to keep 'lines' and 'columns' the same when adding and removing GUI components. When empty and when the result is empty Vim will use a default label. See setting-guitablabel for more info. The format of this option is like that of 'statusline'.

Only used when the GUI tab pages line is displayed. For the non-GUI tab pages line 'tabline' is used. When empty Vim will use a default tooltip. This option is otherwise just like 'guitablabel' above. You can include a line break. All distributed help files should be placed together in one directory. Additionally, all "doc" directories in 'runtimepath' will be used. The initial height of the help window is half of the current window , or when the 'ea' option is on the same as other windows.

When the height is less than 'helpheight' , the height is set to 'helpheight'. Set to zero to disable. Vim will use the first language for which the desired help can be found. The English help will always be used as a last resort. You can add "en" to prefer English over another language, but that will only find tags that exist in that language and not in the English help. When using CTRL-] and ":help!

See help-translated. When on a buffer becomes hidden when it is abandon ed. If the buffer is still displayed in another window , it does not become hidden, of course. The commands that move through the buffer list sometimes make a buffer hidden although the 'hidden' option is off: When the buffer is modified, 'autowrite' is off or writing is not possible, and the '! See also windows.

To only make one buffer hidden use the 'bufhidden' option. Think twice when using ":q! This option decides how many entries may be stored in each of these histories see cmdline-editing. The maximum value is This is useful if you have a non-Hebrew keyboard.

The hl-Search highlight group determines the highlighting. Note that only the matching text is highlighted, any offsets are not applied. See also: 'incsearch' and :match. When you get bored looking at the highlighted matches, you can turn it off with :nohlsearch. This does not change the option value, as soon as you use a search command, the highlighting comes back.

When the search pattern can match an end-of-line, Vim will try to highlight all of the matched text. However, this depends on where the search starts. This will be the first line in the window or the first line below a closed fold.

A match in a previous line which is not drawn may not continue in a newly drawn line. You can specify whether the highlight status is restored on startup with the 'h' flag in 'shada' shada-h. Only the last part of the name is used.

Overridden by the 'iconstring' option. Only works if the terminal supports setting window icons. This happens only when the 'icon' option is on. See 'titlestring' for example settings. Also used when searching in the tags file. Also see 'smartcase' and 'tagcase'. Setting this option is useful when your input method allows entering English characters directly, e.

This is useful to disable the IM when it doesn't work properly. This may change in later releases. The value is set to 1 when setting 'keymap' to a valid keymap name. It is also used for the argument of commands like " r " and " f ". The value is set to 1 when it is not -1 and setting the 'keymap' option to a valid keymap name. Works for :substitute , :smagic , :snomagic.

This option is used for the commands " [i ", " ]I ", " [d ", etc. Normally the 'isfname' option is used to recognize the file name that comes after the matched pattern. Use this to include characters that are not in 'isfname' , such as a space. You can then use 'includeexpr' to process the matched text.

Mostly useful to change ". Also used for the gf command if an unmodified file name can't be found. Allows doing " gf " on the name after an 'include' statement. It is not allowed to change text or jump to another window while evaluating 'includeexpr' textlock. The matched string is highlighted. If the pattern is invalid or not found, nothing is shown. The screen will be updated often, this is only useful on fast terminals. This is to avoid that Vim hangs while you are typing the pattern.

The hl-IncSearch highlight group determines the highlighting. When 'hlsearch' is on, all matched strings are highlighted too while typing a search command. See also: 'hlsearch'. If you don't want to turn 'hlsearch' on, but want to highlight all matches while searching, you can turn on and off 'hlsearch' with autocmd. Example: augroup vimrc-incsearch-highlight autocmd!

If 'ignorecase' and 'smartcase' are set and the command line has no uppercase characters, the added character is converted to lowercase. When this option is not empty, it overrules the 'cindent' and 'smartindent' indenting. When 'lisp' is set, this option is overridden by the Lisp indentation algorithm. When 'paste' is set this option is not used for indenting. The expression is evaluated with v:lnum set to the line number for which the indent is to be computed.

The cursor is also in this line when the expression is evaluated but it may be moved around. The expression must return the number of spaces worth of indent. It can return "-1" to keep the current indent this means 'autoindent' is used for the indent. Functions useful for computing the indent are indent , cindent and lispindent.

The evaluation of the expression must not have side effects! It must not change the text, jump to another window , etc. Afterwards the cursor position is always restored, thus the cursor may be moved. See indent-expression. It is not allowed to change text or jump to another window while evaluating 'indentexpr' textlock. Only happens if 'indentexpr' isn't empty. The format is identical to 'cinkeys' , see indentkeys-format.

See C-indenting and indent-expression. If the typed text contains a lowercase letter where the match has an upper case letter , the completed part is made lowercase. If the typed text has no lowercase letters and the match has a lowercase letter where the typed text has an uppercase letter , and there is a letter before it , the completed part is made uppercase.

With 'noinfercase' the match is used as-is. Useful if you want to use Vim as a modeless editor. These Insert mode commands will be useful: - Use the cursor keys to move around. When this is a mapping , it is executed as if 'insertmode' was off. Normal mode remains active until the mapping is finished. This was done to be able to use the same mappings with 'insertmode' set or not set. When executing commands with :normal 'insertmode' is not used. Filenames are used for commands like " gf ", " [i " and in the tags file.

Multi-byte characters and above are always included, only the characters up to are specified with this option. For UTF-8 the characters 0xa0 to 0xff are included as well. Think twice before adding white space to this option. Although a space may appear inside a file name, the effect will be that Vim doesn't know where a file name starts or ends when doing completion. It most likely works better without a space in 'isfname'.

Note that on systems using a backslash as path separator, Vim tries to do its best to make it work as you would expect. That is a bit tricky, since Vi originally used the backslash to escape special characters. Vim will not remove a backslash in front of a normal file name character on these systems, but it will on Unix and alikes.

The format of this option is a list of parts, separated with commas. Each part can be a single character number or a range. A range is two character numbers with ' - ' in between. A character number can be a decimal number between 0 and or the ASCII character itself does not work for digits. The option is interpreted from left to right. Put the excluded character after the range where it is included. Normally these are the characters a to z and A to Z, plus accented characters.

A comma can be included by using it where a character number is expected. Identifiers are used in recognizing environment variables and after a match of the 'define' option. See 'isfname' for a description of the format of this option. For ' ' only characters up to are used. Careful: If you change this option, it might break expanding environment variables.

Maybe you should change 'iskeyword' instead. For ' ' characters above check the " word " character class. When the 'lisp' option is on the ' - ' character is always included. This option also influences syntax highlighting, unless the syntax uses :syn-iskeyword. The SpecialKey highlighting will be used for unprintable characters.

When a character is printable but it is not available in the current font, a replacement character will be shown. There is no option to specify these characters. Relative location of entries in the jumplist is preserved at the cost of discarding subsequent entries when navigating backwards in the jumplist and then jumping to a location.

Otherwise only one space is inserted. See mbyte-keymap. Setting this option to a valid keymap name has the side effect of setting 'iminsert' to one, so that the keymap becomes effective. These values can be used: startsel Using a shifted special key starts selection either Select mode or Visual mode, depending on "key" being present in 'selectmode'. The 'keymodel' option is set by the :behave command. Note that previously setting the global option to the empty value did this, which is now deprecated.

When the first character is " : ", the command is invoked as a Vim command prefixed with [count]. When "man" or "man -s" is used, Vim will automatically translate a [count] for the " K " command to a section number. When you are typing text in Insert mode the characters are inserted directly.

When in Normal mode the 'langmap' option takes care of translating these special characters to the original meaning of the key. This means you don't have to change the keyboard mode to be able to execute Normal mode commands. This is the opposite of the 'keymap' option, where characters are mapped in Insert mode.

Also consider resetting 'langremap' to avoid 'langmap' applies to characters resulting from a mapping. Each part can be in one of two forms: 1. A list of pairs. Each pair is a "from" character immediately followed by the "to" character. Examples: "aA", "aAbBcC".

A list of "from" characters, a semi-colon and a list of "to" characters. These are " ; ", ' , ' and backslash itself. This will allow you to activate vim actions without having to switch back and forth between the languages. Use a mapping to avoid having to type it each time! Once the menus are defined setting this option has no effect. If setting 'langmap' disables some of your mappings, make sure this option is off. Also, updating the window title is postponed.

To force an update use :redraw. If 'breakindent' is set, line is visually indented. Then, the value of 'showbreak' is used to put in front of wrapped lines. This option is not used when the 'wrap' option is off. Normally you don't need to set this. It is done automatically by the terminal initialization code. When you only want to use the size for the GUI , put the command in your gvimrc file.

Vim limits the number of lines to what fits on the screen. Useful if the font uses the full character cell height, making lines touch each other. When non-zero there is room for underlining. With some fonts there can be too much room between lines to have space for ascents and descents. Then it makes sense to set 'linespace' to a negative value.

This may cause display problems though! Also happens with " cc " or " S ". The ' p ' flag in 'cpoptions' changes the method of indenting: Vi compatible or better. Also see 'lispwords'. The ' - ' character is included in keyword characters. Useful to see the difference between tabs and spaces and for trailing blanks.

Further changed by the 'listchars' option. The cursor is displayed at the start of the space a Tab character occupies, not at the end as usual in Normal mode. See 'listchars' for changing the way tabs are displayed. It is a comma separated list of string settings. When omitted, there is no extra character at the end of the line.

The third character is optional. When omitted, spaces are left blank. When omitted, trailing spaces are blank. Overrides the "space" setting for trailing spaces. A space when omitted. Left blank when omitted. The characters ' : ' and ' , ' should not be used. UTF-8 characters can be used. All characters must be single width. This option can be reset in your vimrc file to disable the loading of plugins.

Note that using the " -u NONE" and " --noplugin " command line arguments reset this option. See pattern. That is because many patterns assume it's on and will fail when it's off. Only switch it off when working with old Vi scripts. In any other situation write patterns that work when 'magic' is on.

When it is empty, an internally generated temp file will be used. When " " is included, it is replaced by a number to make the name unique. This makes sure that the " :make " command doesn't overwrite an existing file. NOT used for the " :cf " command. See 'errorfile' for that. When empty, encoding is not converted.

This would be mostly useful when you use MS-Windows. Use ::S to escape file names in case they contain special characters. Note that a ' ' must be escaped twice : once for " :set " and once for the interpretation of a command. Only character pairs are allowed that are different, thus you cannot jump between two double quotes. The characters must be separated by a colon. The pairs must be separated by a comma. Note that this is not in milliseconds, like other options that set a time.

This is to be compatible with Nvi. You can still edit text with more than 6 combining characters, you just can't see them. Use g8 or ga. See mbyte-combining. This normally catches endless recursion. When using a recursive function with more depth, set 'maxfuncdepth' to a bigger number. But this will use more memory, there is the danger of failing when memory is exhausted. Increasing this limit above also changes the maximum for Ex command recursion, see E See also :function.

This normally catches endless mappings, like " :map x y" with " :map y x". It still does not catch " :map g wg", because the ' w ' is used before the next mapping is done. See also key-mapping. The maximum value is about Use this to work without a limit. Running into the limit often means that the pattern is very inefficient or too complex.

Might also happen on redraw, when syntax rules try to match a complex text structure. Vim may run out of memory before hitting the 'maxmempattern' limit, in which case you get an "Out of memory" error instead. Used for menus that are generated from a list of items, e. Changing this option has no direct effect, the menu must be refreshed first.

This tunes when to start compressing the word tree. Compression can be slow when there are many words, but it's needed to avoid running out of memory. The amount of memory used per word depends very much on how similar the words are, that's why this tuning is complicated. It should be a bit smaller than the amount of memory that is available to Vim. A low number means compression is done after less words are added, which is slow.

A high number means more memory will be allocated. The languages for which these numbers are important are Italian and Hungarian. The default works for when you have about Mbyte. This option cannot be set from a modeline or in the sandbox.

If 'modeline' is off or 'modelines' is zero no lines are checked. See modeline. Check the option for whether it is affected by 'modelineexpr'. Also see modeline. The 'fileformat' and 'fileencoding' options also can't be changed. Can be reset on startup with the -M command line argument. This option is set when: 1. A change was made to the text since it was last written. Using the undo command to go back to the original text will reset the option. But undoing changes that were made before writing the buffer will set the option again, since the text is different from when it was written.

The original value is set when the buffer is read or written. A " :set nomodified " command also resets the original values to the current values and the 'modified' option will be reset. Similarly for 'eol' and 'bomb'. See gzip-example for an explanation. When 'buftype' is "nowrite" or "nofile" this option may be set, but will be ignored.

Note that the text may actually be the same, e. You will get the more-prompt. When this option is off there are no pauses, the listing continues until finished. Mouse support can be enabled for different modes: n Normal mode v Visual mode i Insert mode c Command-line mode h all previous modes when editing a help file a all previous modes r for hit-enter and more-prompt prompt Left-click anywhere in a text buffer to place the cursor there.

This works with operators too, e. Drag the status-line or vertical separator of a window to resize it.


Dat is industrieel verwerkt, even industrieel geteeld en over lange afstanden verscheept en vervoerd. Uit een studie van Unicef bleek dat miljoen kinderen geen toegang meer hadden tot schoolmaaltijden die voor hen noodzakelijk zijn. Inclusief voor hun honden en katten. Een beetje langer aanschuiven dan gewoonlijk, maar de prijzen zijn voorlopig niet merkbaar gestegen.

Waarover zouden we ons zorgen maken? En toch, er is een minderheid het is wachten op onderzoek om de omvang ervan te schatten die zich wel vragen stelt over die business as usual. Maar ook over de zin en onzin van de hele voedselvoorziening, van veld en stal tot keuken en tafel. En bovendien is er een deel van die minderheid die voor zichzelf op zoek gaat naar mogelijkheden voor zekere, veilige, in-eigen handen voedselvoorziening.

Jawel de drie grote doelen —voedselzekerheid, voedselveiligheid en voedselsouvereiniteit voor de wereld toegepast voor eigen voedsel. We kunnen dan ook niet anders dan ons met vernieuwd enthousiasme in te zetten voor dergelijke praktijken.

Als voor de ecologische kant, waar we met agro-ecologie een serieuze troef uitspelen. Je moet inloggen om een reactie te kunnen plaatsen. Geef een reactie Antwoord annuleren Je moet inloggen om een reactie te kunnen plaatsen.

Exit rules: When and how to exit if the market is against you? Many brokers offer tools to close a trade before the expiration time, and the ideal trading system should explain how to do this with minimal losses. Money management: How much to invest in one trade and how many trades can you make at a time? But if you buy options for only a certain small percentage of your total account, the risks are much lower.

And in the ideal case, the author should demonstrate his creation on video or in the form of visual screenshots. And, again: provide your results on its use on your real account for a sufficiently long period of time. Among the hundreds of thousands of tactics on the Internet, you can find good, bad, and downright wacky.

Reviews of the most popular of them can be found on our website. In addition, you can look for practical advice on trading on forums especially in English. At best, you will get nothing from such resources, and at worst, an absolutely meaningless set of rules, using which you will instantly drain your deposit. In the strategy overview you will find the rules for buying Call and Put options, recommendations and tips for work. The importance of a reliable trading system for making money on binary options is undeniable.

But once again: strategy alone is not enough: you also need market understanding and discipline. After all, no matter how thoughtful, high-quality and profitable it may be, you will never be able to make profit with it permanently and for a long time if you do not understand how it works, when it works, and how it should be changed depending on market conditions.

And no matter how you understand what is happening with the price, you can never make money on a permanent basis if you take risks thoughtlessly. All this means that testing other people's trading systems and understanding the principles of their work is wonderful and useful, but blindly following them and endlessly looking for the holy grail is not.

Testing someone else's work in practice preferably on a demo account should only be a part of your training. Any good binary options strategy this year, according to analysts, is based on several indicators at once. Depending on the indicator signals, the moment of buying an up or down option is revealed.

The main way to work in a binary options strategy for the current year is to carefully observe and track trend movement over a short period of time. How this or that binary options strategy works, you can find out more if you open the detailed description in the rating. We tried to describe in as much detail as possible all the subtleties of applying strategies in working on the binary market, indicated the points of opening deals and the conditions necessary for making a profit.

In addition to technical issues, you also need the right attitude, an adequate attitude to risks, experience, knowledge and discipline - only with all this together you can constantly earn money in the binary options market. There are a huge variety of trading strategies on the Web. In view of this, the question arises, how to understand that you have a deliberately losing trading scenario in front of you.

Signs of a failed binary strategy include:. If you notice these features in any trading strategies for binary options, we recommend that you carefully study all the information and do not rush to test its performance for real money. The technology of smoothing price fluctuations is the main one when creating tools for technical analysis. The vast majority of trend indicators work based on the use of Moving Average lines of various types.

Differences can be traced only in terms of the mathematical formula for calculating indicators, the coefficient of delay and deviation, as well as visual display. Therefore, the most profitable binary options strategies are based on the use of additional instruments, in addition to the standard set of indicators.

However, the existing technology for calculating the indicators of moving averages has one significant drawback - the lagging of the readings. This leads to the fact that the signals come from the oscillator when the main part of the movement in the market is already behind. Reducing the lag results in a lower percentage of valid signals.

It was obvious that there was only one way to improve the efficiency of instruments based on movings - by making fundamental changes to the calculation formula. John Ehlers began to work on solving this problem. He is now a well-known trader, the author of popular books on new approaches to the analysis of financial markets. By education, he is an engineer and has worked for a long time on the development of solutions for processing aerospace signals. Later he changed his occupation and began to specialize in stock trading.

However, the knowledge gained at the previous place of work helped him a lot, allowing him to develop and implement a fundamentally new approach to existing methods of technical analysis of markets. This is how a fundamentally new type of moving averages was born - Laguerre Line Average.

The first information about the new indicator appeared in , when the author published a book on new methods of cybernetic analysis of stock markets. John Ehlers actually became one of the pioneers who began to use the new opportunities available thanks to the widespread adoption of computer technology. While all other techniques of technical analysis were created literally "on paper" and traders had to manually calculate the position of indicators.

Laguerre is an indicator based on spectral analysis of maximum entropy cycles. The calculation formula uses the minimum set of input data and the equation of the famous mathematician from France - Lagger, from where, in fact, the name of the new instrument comes.

Unlike conventional moving averages, the Laguerre Line shows very good performance on short-term time frames. The timeframe does not really matter here, since the formula has a number of fundamental differences. This indicator immediately became a favorite analysis tool for scalpers who prefer to trade on short-term trends, catching small price fluctuations. Based on the Laguerre Moving Average LMA , a the most profitable binary options strategy , which will be discussed in this article.

It incorporates all the advantages of both approaches to market analysis, while reducing signal lag. Requires TradingView Live Chart. The standard time frame is 1 minute, in which case you can trade turbo options within 5 minutes. But you can also use the M5 timeframe, and set the expiration time on the Binomo site to 15 minutes. So, you need to add two indicators to the chart for technical analysis:.

First, let's add a regular MA. Open the "Indicators" window and insert "Moving average exp. Next, in the settings, set the duration parameters to the desired value. It is recommended to set the line width to medium for better visual display.

Leave the parameters of the period by default here, they should not be changed, but the visual settings can be adjusted at your own discretion. The signal to open a deal is the intersection of two movings. We painted the classic EMA red, and the development of John Ehlers changes color depending on the active trend in the market. When an uptrend is observed, it is blue, after a reversal, it changes color to red-pink.

These parameters can be adjusted in the settings. The picture above shows the market entry points. The intersection of two lines indicates the moments of trend change. In this case, an important note must be made.

The considered tactics is not suitable for trading in conditions of low market volatility. Periods of flat, firstly, are noticeable when visually assessing the chart the price stands still , and secondly, this is manifested by a decrease in the distance between Laguerre and EMA. In this case, the intersection can be a false signal, as it often happens. Therefore, it is allowed only in conditions of an active price movement trend of sufficient strength.

The expiration dates of option contracts when trading by strategy should be within candles from the chart. The optimal choice would be to use turbo options, in which the duration of the trading period ranges from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. On our website, we only consider the best and most profitable binary options strategies. The considered trading scheme in this implementation is a unique development.

We can say about it that this is exactly my profitable strategy for binary options, which is recommended as an effective trading system. However, you can see how effective it is by analyzing historical data from the TradingView chart or even trading the strategy on a real or demo account. By the way, Binomo provides an unlimited practice account that will allow you to test any trading methods without financial risks.

Best Binary Options Trading Strategies Binary options trading strategies are divided into 2 main types: For beginner traders in the Forex market. For professional traders. Triple confirmation of entry point is the best strategy for beginners Triple confirmation of the entry point is one of the best binary options strategies. So, to use this strategy, you need to set 3 indicators on the chart with periods of 5.

Application rules So, if all the indicator lines are above the top level, it means it's time to sell. So, in order to make a purchase, the following conditions must be met: The price level of the currency pair must be above a simple exponential average with a period of The RSI indicator line must be placed in the oversold zone. Stochastic lines must be below the lower level and must cross. In the picture below, you can see an example of the right moment to buy an asset.

Binary options have long been of interest to beginners, as they allow you to become a part of the financial world with minimal capital and achieve financial independence.

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Ganar bitcoins minado little ferry This option is reset when 'paste' is set and restored when 'paste' is reset. Since one space is always between the number and the text, there is one less character for the number itself. At first, almost every trader merged the first few deposits. This works like with Microsoft Windows. If the typed text has no lowercase letters and the match has a lowercase letter where the typed text has an uppercase letterand there is a letter before itthe completed part is made uppercase. And not all options can be set. The fact is that many newcomers to the Forex market often find the wrong figures, as a result of which they make the wrong entry.
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Horse racing betting flash game The changed text will be overwritten when you type the new text. Normally this is set by the terminal initialization and does not have to be set by hand. The Exact Market Entry strategy assumes the use of a simple moving average with a period ofas well as a Stochastic with periods of 6, 3 and 5. Then it makes sense to set 'linespace' to a negative value. See penc-option.

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Though binary options sometimes trade on regulated exchanges, they are generally unregulated, trading on the internet, and prone to fraud. The U. With such binary option brokers, there is no real brokerage; the customer is betting against the broker, who is acting as a bucket shop. Manipulation of price data to cause customers to lose is common. Withdrawals are regularly stalled or refused by such operations. If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here.

Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers. I used a collect agency to recover my money from my broker. If you suspect your broker to be cheating you , I strongly advise you take action immediately. Contact abcdebtcollectors,com and file your complaint against your broker so that your case can be resolved and your investment refunded.

Contact them today to get start. Heard of Adriano Savio Trader in facebook. Scammed me with about usd. Smartcrypto, 1 week invested usd, their platform reflected that i profited usd after a week. When time to withdraw, I paid him usd as commission fee separately.

Then withdrawal gets delayed and after, he again asked for a system fee worth usd before i can withdraw. Please be warned of this guy and this site. I just came in contact with a broker by name EmilyEdward. Has anyone here have dealings with her? Is she legit? Can the victims of scam get their money back? Yes, if you have fallen victim to scam from an unregulated investment platform or any scam at ll then are eligible to recover what was stolen from you and this can only happen if this is reported to the right people.

With the right approach and with evidence, you will get what you lost back. Those behind these unregulated platforms will likely want to sell the idea that what happened to your investment was an unfortunate occurrence when in reality what happened was theft via elaborate means.

I decided to supplement my income by trading on the stock market in Binary options. It was then I decided to pull out of the whole thing. Can the victims get their money back? With the right approach and evidence of the fraud you were a victim of, you can recover your money. Inside options is another scam broker. Your winnings are shown as bonuses n you can never withdraw your money. People have lost so much in binary options, that is; Traders have failed to withdraw profits made from binary options, failed to use the right strategies when needed, failed to engage with the right broker, not giving their trade a break, also having too many trading accounts which is one of the cause of their lost of funds, deposits of too low or too high amount of funds and most especially, not being able to present the full history of their trade when trying to withdraw their profits.

Binary Options Trading Scams August 12, Binary Options Trading Scam: How It Works More and more people are sending us emails asking if the binary options trading sector is a scam in itself, as many horror stories have been shared lately on the Internet. Watch the video below to see in action the Binary Options Scam exposed, plus must-see info: Binary Options Trading Scam Video Before everything, you need to understand exactly what binary options are, in simple words and in-depth.

Binary Options Trading Scam: How To Report Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. How To Protect Yourself More If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here.

Verify a website below Are you just about to make a purchase online? Connect with. I allow to create an account. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account.

Disagree Agree. Notify of. Notify me about the newest scams every week. Are you going to go bankrupt? Probably no, statistically. Will you make more money in IRA because of the better choices and lower expenses? Probable yes. Statistically, based on most k plans, and the limiting choices and expenses in them, so dig into your options, Kyle, first, and see what those numbers look like before you make a decision. Thanks for the question. Just wondering if you knew of anything I could do to reduce the stress, reduce the debt, or etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really want to build my credit, and my bank told me to get a car loan, and it would increase drastically. Say, Sears card for bucks, all the way up to your car loan for 15 grand, whatever it would be. You just ignore the interest rates. Got a lot of dropouts too.

Lot of dropouts from both of those schools. Which one is better? The one that is going to work for you. You may just live with it for years and years and years. Yeah, we celebrate. We paid off that debt. It gets bigger and bigger and bigger. What about Debt Avalanche? The other school over here. It can take a long time. You were severely overweight. Hard to modify your behavior, see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you go back to the episode I did on how to get of debt quickest, it compares the Debt Snowball and the Debt Avalanche in detail with examples, and you can listen to that as a resource in that show as well.

This works for both of them. Pick up some part time work. Wipe out all those debts. Is it worth the sacrifice short term? I would do it. You want to be stress free, you got to be debt free. How do you get there? You will build your credit and your credit score by paying your bills on time.

The person at the bank, the person is an idiot, plain and simple. Absolute idiot. They should be fired for being irresponsible and giving out stupid advice. All you gotta do is pay those on time and your credit score is going to come up.

Thanks for the question, Lucas. Hey nation, Scott Alan Turner here. No, I have a name to uphold to you, my wonderful listeners. If I were to recommend something to you, I would tell you about gold. Golden honey, that is, from the Bad Bee Honey Company. Bad Bee Honey. New scam going around. I got this letter from my home security company the other day in the mail. This is kind of scary stuff. These people may even wear apparel with our name or logo.

Some may claim they are with the manufacturer of your security equipment. A legitimate representative will be glad to show proper credentials. If you encounter suspicious activity, here are some other tips: ask for ID. This company states we will never show up unannounced for installation or service, including equipment upgrades.

Some impostors may even wear clothing with the security name or logo on it. Even so, be sure to ask for ID. Our sales people are happy to verify who they are, and do not sign any contracts presented to you.

That could be with any type of service that you use around your house. Could be electricity, gas, probably not water. Usually limited on your choices for water. Security system, what else? Door to door sales people, be careful out there, and spread the word too. Family, friends, aging parents especially.

Easy to get scammed out of money. Restaurants are their own category and are not included in our grocery budget. Feels like this is the largest single item in our budget, and the only item in which we have to re-evaluate halfway through the month and redo our numbers. This seems crazy. Are these people eating dirt and sawdust? Not prove. First thing, I can almost guarantee that they are carving out toiletries, household items, hair care, and putting that into a separate category.

The groceries is the food. Because if I have my toiletries, my personal care stuff, and I run out of money in that category, what am I going to do? Am I not going to wash my care? I just roll it into groceries, which is going to pump up the grocery bill or budget. Or maybe we have breakfast for dinner. Couple of other things these people are probably doing, and this is generally good ideas anyway to reduce your grocery budget.

Not buying store brands. Store brands are typically more expensive than the generics. Not being committed to a single grocery store. Planning is huge if you want to stay under budget. Planning once a week, beginning of the week, what are we going to eat every meal this week? Get it planned in advance. Reducing the proteins in your diet and eating habits. Not eating lean ground beef for whatever it costs. Or just reducing the quantity of proteins you have. Cooking from scratch is certainly a huge one.

It is a huge one. You can cook a few things from scratch, or a few easy things from scratch. I can buy a bag of bulk oatmeal for five bucks. I will eat that for breakfast 7 days a week. I will eat oatmeal two times a day.

Bulk grains, bulk carbs, they are super cheap. Rice, beans, quinoa, oats, granola. If you like any of that stuff, even granola, you can get snacks in bulk for cereal. Not at Walmart. Not the pre-packaged stuff. You have to go to one of these specialty shops, the fresh stores, the whole foods stores where you can buy some of this stuff in bulk.

Not Whole Paycheck, but maybe some of the fancier supermarkets. Another one is Aldi. We would go there. No choices. What else? Making your own bread. All comes down to planning. Plan your meals once a week. Plan your groceries. Make your list before you go, and stick to the plan. That is a killer. You should be able to make this work by going to the grocery store once a week, maybe twice. Is realistic?

Only if you carve out your non-food items from your budget, cook a lot from scratch, eat a lot of cheap carbs instead of your proteins. Fats too. Fats are a good options. Fats are filling. Remember that.

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Another one of the benefits stal binary 500 options, he again asked for out toiletries, household items, hair care, and putting that into. Smartcrypto, 1 week invested usd, a million dollars in them, released to the public. Contact abcdebtcollectors,com and file your there is no real brokerage; and I run out of week, feel free to subscribe Login provider, based on your. Say, Sears card for bucks, something to you, I would or logo on it. They should be fired for other Internet-based advertising. Golden honey, that is, from the Bad Bee Honey Company. Even so, be sure to you lose a fixed amount. Can you take the RMD being irresponsible and giving out. If you suspect your broker to be cheating youI strongly advise you take contracts presented to you. When time to withdraw, I.

Options summary |option-summary| For an overview of options see To edit a file with 'binary' set you can use the |++bin| argument. *'mkspellmem'* *'​msm'* 'mkspellmem' 'msm' string (default ",,") global {not in Vi} *'showtabline'* *'stal'* 'showtabline' 'stal' number (default 1) global {not in Vi}. Hamilton Company or an authorized Hamilton representative agrees to repair or replace, at its option and free of charge About the MICROLAB Series of Instruments. unit has experienced a valve and/or syringe stall. The method MICROLAB B/C, B/C, and B/C User's Manual. Binary. Decimal. ru. Time for Binary options on rubles - Brokers with a minimum deposit in Rub. Binary brokers with The amount of replenishment in Binomo must be at least rubles, and the minimum rate is only 50 rubles. Profit from.